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Flyers and Pamphlets

Whether promoting a sale or providing detailed business information, get your message out anywhere, anytime.

  • The right quantity: great prices across the board, from 25 to 20,000
  • The right look: easily customise a wide range of professional designs with our intuitive design studio
  • The right paper: from budget to premium, plus your choice of glossy, matte or recycled paper
  • The right product: flat or folded, from portable handout formats to larger sizes to hang or carry in folders.
  • Holders available for DL and A4 sizes
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Product specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

The portable, powerful way to get the word out.

Whether you’re trying to impress potential clients or introduce your business to people on the street, flyers help you get noticed – and stay top-of-mind. Flyers are an easy way to spread the word about new products and services, create buzz around sales or events and target specific audiences. So check out a huge variety of customisable templates, and create the handout, takeaway or presentation tool you’re looking for.

Why choose a flyer (no fold)?
Flyers are a great way to get a quick message across to anyone, without overwhelming them. In fact, they work best when they’re focused on 1 or 2 simple concepts or big ideas. They’re easy to pack up, bundle and hand out in crowds. They are well-suited to street marketing activities like promoting a seasonal sale or event, or drumming up interest for your shop opening.

Guide to creating business flyers

Why choose a fold?

Folded flyers and pamphlets are a good option for presentations or targeted audiences, with more space to explain what your business is all about. The extra space makes it easier to organise information into sections, so your customers can easily find what they're looking for. In addition to being convenient handouts, they’re perfect for displaying (using stands) in high-traffic areas like reception desks or storefronts.

Quick tips for creating a pamphlet

Choosing a paper stock
• Glossy finish is shiny and reflective, perfect for photos and images and vibrant colours
• Matte finish has less glare, for a smoother appearance and more contrast 
• Recycled stock has a more natural feel, with lighter colours. Made from 100% recycled materials

Choosing a paper weight
• Budget: 130-gsm for glossy and matte
• Standard: 150-gsm for glossy and matte
• Premium: 250-gsm for glossy and matte, 280-gsm for recycled

Creating an eye-catching design
• Upload any type of file (pdf, jpeg, png, etc…) 
• Always include attention-grabbing text or photos 

• To make it more scannable, don’t use more than 2 different fonts
• Try adding a coupon or voucher right in your design

Getting the most out of your flyers and pamphlets
• Know your audience, and be sure to hand out your flyers at relevant events and spots
• Use smaller sizes for handouts and larger sizes for hanging or displaying

• Hook readers with the headline – you’ve only got a few seconds of their attention
• Give one clear call to action, and make your contact and social info big and bold

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the size refer to folded or unfolded size?
A: If you select bi-fold, tri-fold or z-fold, the size you see refers to the final size after the paper has been folded. For example, a DL-pamphlet with a tri-fold option is an A4 sheet folded to create 3 separate sections per side.

Q: If I order a folded product, does it come pre-folded?
A: Yes. You will never have to fold the materials yourself.

Q: Can I upload my own design?
A: Certainly. After you’ve chosen your product options and clicked on “Start designing”, you’ll be given an option to upload your own design.

Q: What file types do you accept?
A: We accept most common files including .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png, .doc and .ppt.

Q: Is the paper coated on both sides? Can I write on the back?
A: All our glossy and matte papers are coated on both sides. It is still possible to write on, but if you plan to do this often then consider opting for the recycled paper as this is uncoated. 

Q: Is your paper eco-friendly?
A: Yes, our flyers and leaflets are printed on FSC certified, responsibly forested paper. Visit our sustainability site to learn more.

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